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Also referred to as parking tower, this parkgin system is designed so that vehecles can be automatically moved and parked with a cage(transporter) that moved in up-down directions within a fixed parking zone of multiple levels. This system is suitable for medium to large-scaled buildings or for buildings exclusively used for parking. It enables prompt entrance and exit of vehicles. According to the location of entrance / exit gate, this system comes in lower entrance type and middle entrance type. According to the types of installation, it is also categorized into independent type and built-in type.
No. of Vehicles Accommodated Min. of 20 - infinite (Max. of 70 vehicles per lift)
Type and Operation Method of Parking Device Multi-floor cart parking system (pallet type)
Spec. of Vehicle to be Accommodated Length 5100 mm (5200 mm)
Width 1850 mm (2150 mm)
Height 1600 mm (1550 mm)
Weight 1850 kg (2200 kg)
Lift Winding Motor 1.5kw × 4P & D.C brake
Winding Speed 60 ~ 90 m/min (proportional to elevating distance)
Horizontal-moving Motor 1.5kw × 4P & D.C brake
Horizontal-moving Speed 45 m/min (rated speed)
Cart Travelling Motor 1.5kw × 4P & D.C brake
Travelling Speed 60 ~ 120 m/min (proportional to elevating distance)
Horizontal-moving Motor 1.5kw × 4P & D.C brake
Horizontal-moving Speed 45 m/min (rated speed)
Picking Motor 0.4kw × 4P & D.C braked
Picking Type RACK & PINION direct drive type
Spec. of Electric Control Part Motor Controller IGBT invertor
Operation Control Type PLC type (basic)
Control Method Touch screen or computer (optional)
Power Power Source 3-phase, AC 380V, 60Hz and 3-phase, AC 220V, 60Hz
Safety Device Guide light at entrance, internal guide light and vehicle guide mirror
Sensor to detect position of vehicle in entrance level
Sensor to detect front section of winding wire
System to prevent lift and cart over-run
Emergency stop system
System to check the status of safe drive
Very quick entrance and exist due to movement of carts and lifts in each level through individual operation
Free use of underground space and possible to accommodate large-scaled facilities to hold several thousands of vehicles
Convenience in use as partial breakdown does not influence other parts
Driver-oriented design to maximize pleasantness of users
Dual and triple safety devices to provide outstanding safety
Integrated control by computer or touch screen to enable monitoring of operation status in a single glance and very simple operation
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